by Maher Attar

Qatar is on the move, making giant strides towards the future. And Doha is at the heart of this majestic evolution. But the city’s past lives on, unforgotten, orienting us in the present.

Through my photographs, I invite you to reappraise the presence of the past. My work questions the traces left by history, casting fresh light on ancient origins while examining contemporary life in the city.

Two cameras accompanied me on this journey between past and present. The past, evoking dreams, imagination and romance, is captured with a modest lomography camera, characterised by all the “faults” that today’s cameras do their best to overcome: lack of focus, poor exposure, inaccurate colours, etc. While this camera provides few options in terms of aperture, it allows a considerable amount of leeway in terms of exposure times. Furthermore, the film is manually advanced, frame by frame. Such features permit us to explore possibilities that lie beyond the scope of current cameras. The image becomes archaeological, an approach recalling the effects achieved by pioneering 19th century photographers and select painters.

The present, evoking movement, a thirst for the future, and a grandiose vision of Doha, is captured by a Linhof camera with a spectacular 6 x 17 cm format, ideal for producing ultra-high quality panoramic shots.

Finally the book’s title, DOHArama, is a nod to its panoramic format. Since “orama” (opaµa) means “vision” in ancient Greek, DOHArama could legitimately be rendered “what we see of Doha”.

Maher Attar

Art&Privilège Editions
Publication : october 2010
Bound under jacket
335 mm (width) x 235 mm (height)
200 pages
ISBN-13 : 978-9953-485-05-8

Deluxe Limited Edition
Limited Edition of 500
Bound, enclosed in an elegant clamshell box and includes one signed print by Maher Attar

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Virgin Megastore - Doha - QATAR
Harrods - London - UK
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