“Challenges & Reality“ in print

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Challenges & Reality


“To give every child the chance to be educated is a gift of promise. A gift of wonderment. A gift that opens up possibilities that can transform lives and develop thinkers, leaders, and creators of great art.”

HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser


“My objective is to highlight the inequalities characterising education, which is a fundamental right for all.

In the 21st century, how can we, accept that millions of boys, and even more girls, have no access to school? Or that millions more are attending schools that have poor sanitation, no electricity and few, if any, educational materials?

As a former war reporter, this project is, for me, a return to the principle of the ‘grand reportage’: witnessing the day-to-day reality of these children in the hope that their right to education can finally be respected. “Rendez-vous in 2015…” ”

Maher Attar, photographer