Challenges & Reality

Photography by Maher Attar for Education Above All FoundationEAC-Primary Logo


Extracts of introductions :


“From the syrian refugee camps to the slums of Bangladesh, from the rainforests of Amazonia to the plains of the Masai Mara, I have seen the difference education makes. Opportunities to learn can take many forms. These images capture children across the world studying under the shade of trees, crammed into small rooms in someone’s house, or inside tents in refugee camps. Yet for these children and their families, these opportunities to learn – even in the most imperfect circumstances – represent their best chance to escape poverty and hardship. (…) But for 58 million, it is a right denied.”

Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser
Founder & Chairperson of Education Above All Foundation


“In pictures and words, the Cradle of inequality by Sebastião Salgado and Cristovam Buarque had captured a cycle of exclusion that all too often begins at birth. With his lens that leaves no truth unturned, Maher Attar has taken on that torch, travelling across Asia, Africa and Latin America to meet young boys and girls on their home ground and in their “schools.” There may be little light, not enough books or places on the bench, but the students portrayed here are tidy, attentive and eager, learning from dedicated teachers fulfilling their mission in extreme conditions. across his journey, Maher captures camaraderie and solitude, resilience and innate curiosity.”

Irina Bokova
Director-General of Unesco


“This book is a photographic narrative that captures the barriers to education in ten countries and the sometimes wonderful and often harrowing journeys of children in pursuit of education from different corners of the globe. (…) The names and faces from Challenges and Reality can be haunting but they can also inspire us to empower boys and girls around the world and give them an opportunity for a brighter future through education.”

Marcio Barbosa
CEO of Education Above All Foundation



Editions Art&Privilège
Publication date : September 2015
Leather bound under jacket260 mm (width) x 300 mm (heigth)
264 pages
ISBN-13 : 978-9953-485-06-5

Trilingual edition: English/Arabic/French

Edition of  2 000 copies