by Maher Attar

Black & White Photography Lovers would enjoy discovering, through the pages, the story of a cabaret dancer from backstage at famous Lido in Paris, where photographer Maher Attar captured private moments. “I chose to shoot in black and white because, according to me, it does reveal but does not betray”.

Bonheur is an elegant book which is black hand-threaded, printed on bristol paper, in 240g. Each image was elaborated in order to emphasize the magic of grain. The cover is made of black fabric, the title and the stars are three-dimensional, which have been iron-branded with silver. The endpaper is in red Nettuno, such as a jewel box. The publishing of the books is limited to 1000 copies.

Art&Privilège Editions
Publication date : november 2006
48 pages – bound – hardcover
195 mm (width) x 280 mm (height)
ISBN-10 : 9953-485-003
ISBN-13 : 978-9953-485-00-3
Limited edition to 1000 copies

Colette - Paris